An intern is an individual; usually a student who joins the organization to practice skills learnt and gain experience in their field through on-the-job training or job shadowing.

The following rules shall apply to individuals on internship at the KYC:
  1. A student seeking to conduct internship/attachment at the KYC will apply to do so to the KYC Manager. Such an application will be supported by a letter of introduction from the respective institution. The KYC will only recognize letters from accredited institutions that are dully registered with the government.
  2. The KYC Manager will upon consulting the BOG and ascertaining that the skills profile of the applicant match the organizations skills requirements and that relevant human resource processes have been obliged grant the application.
  3. Upon joining the organization, all interns will discharge duties as assigned to them under the supervision of the immediate supervisor in any program area that the organization deems fit to assign them. The KYC Manager either in person or through delegated authority will have the express authority to assign duties to an intern commensurate with their level of expertise and set targets for them.
  4. All interns will be expected to conduct themselves with discipline and abide by the KYC rules and regulation during their internship with the organization. In addition, they will be expected to portray a positive image of the youth centre to the community during their internship period.
  5. The period of internship should not exceed 3 months. Any extension of that period will not be considered as part of the internship period.
  6. Interns will not be entitled to salaries and other benefits but will be expected to meet their own expenses. However, interns will under special circumstances be provided with some allowance (transport and lunch allowance) as may be necessary to enable delivery of duties assigned to them. Interns will also be entitled to a recommendation letter drawn by the KYC Manager after completion of their internship period.
  7. Interns will be expected to treat all organizational information as confidential. The organization reserves the right to limit their access to organizational information considered confidential (such as financial records, client medical records)
  8. All interns will be expected to abide by rules and regulations applied to the staff and outlined in the human resource manual. The organization reserves the right to without prior notice terminate internship (or apply any other disciplinary measure) if the intern is guilty of gross misconduct or contravenes any of these rules. In such a case the KYC Manager shall communicate in writing to the student’s institution explaining the reason for such action.

    • All persons interested in interning at Konnect Youth Consortium are encouraged to download the form below, fill it out, and submit a scanned copy it our offices via email.

    • Download the form here.

    • By completing the form, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of your position as an intern at our organization.