A researcher is an individual who joins KYC with aim of accessing its database, volunteers, beneficiaries or participating in its activities while in the process of conducting a systematic investigation into a phenomenon to unearth new knowledge or contribute to existing knowledge

The following rules shall apply to anyone who seeks to carry out research at the KYC:
  1. All individuals interested in conducting research at Konnect Youth Consortium will be required to communicate their intentions through writing to the Board of Governors (BOG) through the KYC Manager. Such an application letter will also contain.
    1. An introductory letter from the affiliate institution or the institution commissioning the research.
    2. Relevant research support documentation such as authorization letters from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
  2. The BOG will review the application and if satisfied that all protocols and procedures have been observed grant authority to conduct research as long as the research process does not in any way compromise organizational mandate. Priority will be given to research activities that are consistent with and support the organizational vision, mission and core mandates

  3. The researchers will be expected to be fully aware of ethical issues around research and will subscribe to normative research guidelines. As such the researchers will be expected to ensure the research:
    1. Adheres to data integrity protocols
    2. Meets human subject research obligations
    3. Respects intellectual property rights
    4. Has sound methodology and sufficient controls
  4. The responsibility for all procedures and ethical issues related to the research will rest solely with the researcher

  5. Researchers will not be entitled to KYC resources and equipment unless under special arrangement. Such includes office keys, office camera, and use of computers, printing and photocopier. In such circumstances, a supervising authority will take appropriate measures to safeguard the equipment and assume overall responsibility.
  6. Researchers will unless through agreed arrangement be expected to meet their own costs while carrying out research
  7. Upon completion of the research, the researchers will undertake to share the research findings duly approved by the affiliate/commissioning organization. The researcher will acknowledge the contribution of the KYC in the research and make appropriate disclaimers that i)relieve the KYC of any responsibility over the research process ii) indicate that the research report does in no way reflect the views of the KYC
  8. KYC reserves the right over what information to share with the researcher.
  9. All individuals conducting research will be expected to conduct themselves with discipline and decorum. While the rules and regulations governing staff and volunteers conduct may not necessarily apply to them, the researchers will none the less be expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with the organizational values and ethos.
  • All persons interested as researchers at Konnect Youth Consortium are encouraged to download the form below, fill it out, and submit a scanned copy it our offices via email.

  • Download the form here.

  • By completing the form, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of your position as an researcher at our organization.